Alive and Well

“We use the body as an instrument, the fibers inside are the strings. So we have to tune those strings to the sound…to get the fine tuning of each fiber.” -B.K.S.Iyengar- I have recently been spending time with Sam Snidal who is building a Website called “ALIVE and WELL” where she will post short films…

Ancient Trails

“I have walked you, ancient trails,
 Along the narrow rocky ridges
 High above the mountains that
 Make up your world:
 Looking down on giant trees, silent In the purple shadow of ravines
 Along the spire-like alpine fir
 Above the high, steep slanting meadows
 Where sun-softened snowfields share the earth
 With flowers” –Gary Snyder- How wonderful…

Annapurna and Star-Gazing

‎”We can never exhaust the multiplicity of nuances and subtleties, which make the charm of music. How can we expect to produce a vital performance if we don’t recreate the work everytime? Every year the leaves of the trees reappear with the spring but they are different every time.” – Pablo Casals As the New…

Beethoven and Buddha

How could Beethoven and Buddha have anything in common? I hadn’t thought about it until one day  I was reading  a book, “Buddhism Without Beliefs”.  As the author Stephen Bachelor discusses the Four Noble Truths, he explains how important it is to approach Buddha’s discovery of the truth experientially. Rather than the Noble Truths being…

Bach and Yoga

I was pondering the other day how standing poses are like Bach. That is Johann Sebastian Bach, the grandfather of western classical music as we know it. So, how is yoga like Bach? The other day, I listened to an interview with Helene Grimaud which has deeply inspired me. Helene is a dynamic concert pianist, founder…