Rope Wall Yoga at Spirit Loft


I am so excited to teach a series of classes specifically using the rope wall at Spirit Loft Studio.

The ropes allow one to practice standing poses, forward bends, twist, inversions, backbends with added therapeutic support and less compression, resulting in a deeper, slower practice that is incredibly restoring and rejuvenating.

Please join me on Tuesdays December  2 and 9, and Saturdays December 6 and 13 from 1 to 2:30.

IMG_0519Practicing with ropes is a deeply nourishing, and therapeutic approach to yoga. In these classes will primarily explore variations of inversions and backbends with the aim to soothe, replenish and strengthen our beings. B.K.S. Iyengar maintained a strong back bending practice until the end of his life. He passed away in August 2014 at 95 years old and was strong and healthy until his last days.

He attributed his longevity to the strengthening effects of supported backbends and restorative postures. We will explore a practice in his honor. These classes are open to all levels and will allow each student to practice in a way that is nourishing, healing and appropriate for them.


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