Rachmaninoff and Nature


“I have walked you, ancient trails,

Along the narrow rocky ridges

High above the mountains that

Make up your world:

Looking down on giant trees, silent

In the purple shadow of ravines

Along the spire-like alpine fir

Above the high, steep slanting meadows

Where sun-softened snowfields share the earth

With flowers”

–Gary Snyder-

How wonderful spring is so near! This is always such an abundant time of growth and renewed life and energy. After climbing narrow rocky ridges and  walking ancient trails, I look forward to teaching more and sharing the creative experiences of the last year…may we all continue on the journey towards discovering our deepest reality- energy systems imbued with enlightened energy!

It is so interesting for me to realize how much I have learned about my self through the journey of pursuing my Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Toronto Piano Performance exam- and as any endeavor- it is wonderful to have achieved it , and then to be able to more forward to new possibilities. It has been a great opportunity to learn and grow…to soften my snowfields…and to share my earth with flowers, realizing it is all yoga…it is all practice.

Here is one of the pieces from the one hour long program that I performed for my exam. It is a prelude composed by Rachmaninoff, who for me is inseparable from nature. When playing this piece, I feel the wind in the trees, the crash of thunder; I feel storm clouds brewing, and rainbows and sunshine, and  love blazing through the sky.



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