A Month in India

I had the good fortune to spend the month of January 2015 in Pune, India at the Iyengar Institute known as RIMYI -the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute. Before going I had the notion that I would have so much time and would spend my days reading, trying to fill the hours of the day, and…

Rope Wall Yoga at Spirit Loft

I am so excited to teach a series of classes specifically using the rope wall at Spirit Loft Studio. The ropes allow one to practice standing poses, forward bends, twist, inversions, backbends with added therapeutic support and less compression, resulting in a deeper, slower practice that is incredibly restoring and rejuvenating. Please join me on Tuesdays…

Opening to the Vastness

 “The goal of the spiritual path is to be flexible, courageous and exploratory in the face of life’s joys and paradoxes, while never parting from a connection to its deepest meaning.” -Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche- This past summer I was blessed with a journey that connected me with the vastness of our country, and gave me…

Chopin and Savasana

Every day while I practice I am reminded of how intertwined the practice of yoga and creating music is. Lately, I have been gradually learning a piece by Chopin, or “Freddie” as one of my teachers calls him. It is one of his most beautiful and sensuous pieces called the “Barcarolle”, and it is a…

Iyengar and Menuhin

“I have always intuited that the only real ‘spirituality’ lies in our direct and personal relationship with Nature, with the Universe, and have long since backed away from asking others, including books, how I should live my life, how I should relate to Nature and the Universe… To learn from Nature, to let the body…

Alive and Well

“We use the body as an instrument, the fibers inside are the strings. So we have to tune those strings to the sound…to get the fine tuning of each fiber.” -B.K.S.Iyengar- I have recently been spending time with Sam Snidal who is building a Website called “ALIVE and WELL” where she will post short films…

Ancient Trails

“I have walked you, ancient trails,
 Along the narrow rocky ridges
 High above the mountains that
 Make up your world:
 Looking down on giant trees, silent In the purple shadow of ravines
 Along the spire-like alpine fir
 Above the high, steep slanting meadows
 Where sun-softened snowfields share the earth
 With flowers” –Gary Snyder- How wonderful…


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